Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series MC155 Center Channel Speaker- Each

  • Attractively styled asymmetrical cabinets eliminate distortion-causing reflections known as “standing waves” delivering a superior audio experience
  • Crossover circuit design optimized to deliver crystal-clear highs through the tweeter
  • Two 3 1/2-inch precision drivers
  • 3/4″ aluminum dome tweeter
  • Designed and Engineered for Outstanding Sound Quality & Performance

The Cambridge SoundWorks® Newton Series® MC155 Speakers

The remarkable Newton Series® MC155 two-way speakers were engineered for outstanding audio fidelity and designed for versatility enabling them to be incorporated into a great stereo or home theater system. The MC155 is an “MTM” (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) design for smooth, wide-dispersion sound, making them ideal for use as main, center, and even surround sound speakers. They feature a ¾-inch aluminum dome tweeter with a dual magnet Neodymium structure carefully matched with two precision 3 1/2-inch bass/midrange drivers to offer superb music and movie sound reproduction.

We utilize these as the center and main speakers in our Newton Series® HT155 and Newton Series® HT155-SE Home Theater Systems.

Key Features:


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